Important Questions To Ask When Choosing An Inspector!

1. Does the inspector have an extensive background in construction? Our 25 years of building and remodeling experience enables us to determine how serious any defects are and how they will affect your home in the future. We are also able to recommend the types of repairs that may be needed now as well as providing information that can prevent future problems.

2. Is the inspector a Certified Member of The American Society of Home Inspectors?
Our ASHI Certification means that we have successfully completed a series of examinations on the components of the home, including Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Roofing, Structural, etc. ASHI Members also must regularly attend approved classes and seminars to keep current on new construction methods and materials.

3. Is the inspector a FULL TIME professional? Inspections are our ONLY business, not a "side line"! I can assist you with scheduling and to answer most questions that you may have regarding an inspection.

4. Is the inspector experienced? We have been inspecting properties since 1992 which means that we have encountered all types of construction methods and materials. This experience is also helpful in determining what effects any defective conditions may have on the home.
5. Does the inspector encourage you to be present at the time of the inspection?
We HIGHLY encourage you to attend the inspection if at all possible! Besides being able to discuss any particular concerns you may have, we will also locate important items such as gas and water shut off valves, and explain the operation of various components.


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